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Mark Bowers Portrait

My love for photography began during an extended trip to Southeast Asia in 2012. Everyone had one of those “big-ass” cameras hanging off their neck and my immediate assumption was that their photos were surely better than those from my point and shoot. Fast forward six years and at the very least, I’ve learned this is not always the case. Photography has become my way of life-a means to express myself creatively and help others share their vision. I’ve spent countless hours during this time returning to school, watching online tutorials, attending seminars, refining my craft, assisting other professionals, succeeding (FAILING), and the journey has only just begun… I have many passions but photography is one I never leave home without.

I specialize primarily in product, food, and travel photography in addition to providing videography services. I utilize the latest professional technology to produce unique and customized results for every client’s needs. Whether you’re an individual with a great idea or an expanding start-up, I’d love to hear more and earn your business.

Anything else??

  • I lived in a 2000 Chevy Van for 6 months with my cat and wife. It was cozy.

  • I bake my own sourdoughs using home-made starters

  • Compost. Your plants will thank you

  • I was a Corporate Accountant in a prior life

  • “The Dude Abides”

  • I twice went treasure hunting in the backcountry of Yellowstone. Still keeping my day job

  • Pizza rarely lets me down

  • Currently exploring the intricacies of my 1974 Honda CB550 motorcycle-one breakdown at a time


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